Jamaican Boxing Series - The Contender

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Jamaican Boxing Series - The Contender

The contender series challenges its producers to seek sixteen (16) of the best middleweight boxers Jamaica has to offer by conducting an all island search. Once identified, these boxers are divided into two groups (Green team and Yellow Team) with each group being assigned a coach to oversea training and provide mentorship.

Stage 1 will be comprizes of weekly team challenges, whereby the winning team earns the right of deciding which two boxers, from opposing teams, will fight live on TVJ.


1st $1,000,000
2nd $500,000
3rd $250,000
4th $200,000


Season 1   Winner: Ricardo "The Surgeon" Smith
Season 2   Winner: Donavon "Police" Campbell
Season 3    

Season 3

Wray and Nephew has begun its third season of the popular Jamaican boxing event "Contenders". The first event is scheduled to begin 9:30 pm on March 6th Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium on Old Hope Road in Kingston.

Teams and Competitors

Green Team   Yellow Team
Coach: Carl Grant   Coach: Andrew Boland
Ramel Lewis Derrick Spencer   Tsetsi Davis Glenroy Beckford
Richard Holmes Alan Caan   Kevin Hylton Lloyd Smith
Richard Reittie Miguel Ray   Dean Palmer Jermaine Bowen
Everton Eccleson Marvian Mckay   Lensworth McNaughton Devon Moncrieff

Fight Line Up

Stage 1 (S1) 8 Fights at 6 rounds each
Stage 2 (S2) 4 Fights at 6 rounds each
Stage 3 (S3) 2 Fights at 8 rounds each
Stage 4 (S4) Final Final at 10 rounds
S1 Richard Holmes
Lloyd Smith
Lensworth McNaughton
Ramel Lewis
Richard Reittie
Glenroy Beckford
Derrick Spencer
Jermaine Bowen
Tsetsi Davis
Marvin McKay
Kevin Hylton
Everton Eccleson
Ricardo Planter
Allan Cann
Devon Moncreiff
Miguel Raye
S2     Richard Reittie
Ricardo Planter



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