Richard 'Storyteller' Morrison tale of betrayal


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Following the death of youth advocate Omar Bailey whom was said to be in possession of a police ID. The JCF is defending the integrity of the process of issuing police identification cards. The Director of communications, Carl Angel, confirms that Bailey was not a member of the force and indicates that the deceased was actually charged twice for impersonating a police officer, he went on further to state that despite best efforts unscrupulous persons will always attempt to imitate police id cards.

Jamaican Richard 'Storyteller' Morrison, alleged to be the former shower possy gang leader has returned home after 23 years in prison overseas. He states that he is no longer bitter about the situation however, he is embarrassed due to the high levels of corruptions and he is still searching for justice.

Christian Allen from Ardene High has emerged victorious to become Gleaner's Children's Own 2013 spelling bee champion after correctly spelling the word "Hierurgy".

Reggae boyz gained their first point against the CONCACAF team after drawing their game against Mexico in Mexico City.


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