No overseas travel for Tax Evaders

Administrator on December 13, 2012, 2:59 pm 2400 3
No overseas travel for Tax Evaders

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is insisting that persons with outstanding tax liabilities have them resolved speedily or face overseas travel restrictions.

The TAJ intends to issue stop orders on delinquent tax payers who have undisputed liabilities and still remains delinquent despite being contacted.  This is a part of the enhanced compliance programme of TAJ, and will result in these persons being unable to leave the island until a settlement or arrangement to clear have been made.

This activity forms a part of the administration’s on-going debt collection strategy under the National Compliance Plan, to counter tax evasion and willful non-compliance. Persons are also reminded that Tax evasion is a criminal offense and the full provisions of the law will be utilized to recover outstanding amounts.


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