Beenie Man: "I respect all human being, including gay and lesbian"


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Rototom Sunsplash ( has received and is happy to publish a videomessage of Beenie Man in which he wishes to clear out any doubt about his position concerning homophobic lyrics appeared in some of his old songs. We would like to think that his words can put an end to all the controversies that the subject has generated. This video_src_id reaches us after a journey that Rototom has started in 2005 and which has seen us committed to bringing to the Sunsplash only those artists that respect and accept all people, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. In 2007 this position has lead us to draw up the Reggae Compassionate Act, an agreement that was supported by reggae promoters and activists of Stop Murder Music and signed, among others, by Beenie Man. In the agreement, the artist committed himself not to sing or make public statement in Jamaica or any other country in the world, that could encourage prejudice, hatred or violence against gay or lesbian people. Beenie Man is part of the 2012 Sunsplash line up, because we believe in his change and his detachment from homophobic positions, as demonstrated on this video_src_id.


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