One Wheel, One People, One Jamaica


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On 16 April 2011 Christo Coetzer became the first person in history to circumnavigate the mesmerising Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Starting from the home of the legendary Bob Marley and waved off by Usain Bolt himself Christo embarked on the 'One Wheel, One People, One Jamaica' adventure. Acting as a goodwill ambassador between South Africa and Jamaica he rode his 36'' unicycle through all 14 of the country's parishes in an anti-clock wise fashion. His unbridled passion for adventure, paradise, the people of Africa and reggae music couldn't have culminated in a more fitting destination. Enthusiastically supported by the people of Jamaica, Christo experienced real Jamaican culture, cuisine, music and off course their famous hospitality. The adventure came to a spectacular ending; riding through the gates of the Bob Marley Museum he received a champion's welcome by amongst others, Rohan and Julian Marley, two of Bob's sons -- truly a journey in which many dreams came true. The project provided a unique opportunity for the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) to market the island in a new and exciting way and be used as a tool to strengthen already established bonds between South Africa and Jamaica. On 27 April 2011 Christo was honored by the JTB and the South African High Commission as VIP guest to the SA Freedom Day celebrations held in Jamaica. Here was acknowledged and awarded as a goodwill ambassador for both South Africa and Jamaica. Christo plans to write a book on his adventure whereby giving readers the opportunity to relive the adventure from the very start, through all the hills and valleys, and finally towards the realisation of his dream. The adventure was managed by Christo's father and mentor, Theo Coetzer, and is testament to the power that lies in healthy father-son relationships. Following the success of the 'Around Mauritius on One Wheel' adventure in 2010 , the 'One Wheel, One People, One Jamaica' project was his second world-first adventure and if he can have his way - by no means the last. "I know Jah never let us down" (1Chron28:20) -Christo Coetzer


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