The People Of Riverton City, Jamaica Need Your Help.


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Having no jobs and no place to go, people have built their homes with whatever they could find in Riverton City. Riverton City is also a dump site. The people of Riverton City are among the poorest of the poor living in Jamaica. Will you help? It takes 20,000 JD ($300 US) to send a child to school for one year. This can be an enormous burden to a family of four in a developing country. Most of the children in Riverton City have to leave school between 13 and 15 years of age for lack of funds and get a job to help support their family. An investment in a childs education is one of the single best investments that can be made to help communities rise out of poverty. Research shows that every additional year spent in school raises income by 10 to 20 percent. With an education students are more likely to raise a smaller family, have healthier children, delay marriage, participate in political processes and send their own children to school. Together, these factors lead to more productive and stable communities around the world. Will you help? Become a sponsor today and give a family a chance. Will you help? Please help us build a community computer lab for Riverton City school children. Currently there are NO computers in the school @ Riverton City. The surrounding schools charge fees to offset the cost of running the schools. At present there are no facilities that offer computer classes without charge in the city of Kingston, Jamaica. I know that we can make a dent in global poverty when we give people the opportunity to learn and access tools and resources that can help them chart their own paths to a brighter future.


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