Kadesha Walks On Her Knees After Losing Her Legs, Jamaica


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Kadesha Duggan, who is now 21, was born in Daniel Town, Jamaica. At the age of 11 months, Kadesha had a gastro-intestinal infection. When her health worsened and she was taken to a medical facility, the doctors found that she suffered from severe dehydration and gangrene in both legs. She had to submit to an urgent amputation of both limbs below the knees. After the operation, Kadesha had to be carried or pushed in a converted baby carriage until she reached teen age. With the help of Divine Journey Ministries, Kadesha has a chance to raise funds to receive prosthetics during her short stay here in the United States. If you would like to extend your finances and prayers to Kadesha and would like to donate, please contact: Divine Journey Ministries P.O. Box 390034 Denver, CO. 80239 (303) 371-4554 For more information please visit: www.divinejourneyinc.org


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