Violence against Women Still a Problem in Jamaica

Violence against Women Still a Problem in Jamaica Jamaica still has a lot to answer for on the treatment of women and girls by society and institutions. When it comes to violence against women, Jamaica is still woefully behind other countries in terms of actions against this social problem. Thirty years ago, in 1984, wife beating and rape were the main crimes against women. Now crimes against...Continue Reading Posted :23 hours, 31 minutes ago Ratings Viewed 106 time(s) Comments

Business Process Outsourcing - New Opportunities for Jobs

Business Process Outsourcing - New Opportunities for Jobs As traditional jobs become scarce attention is now turning to opportunities that are outside the usual employment arena - outsourcing. The kind of outsourcing that is gaining traction among job seekers as well as employers is business process outsourcing (BPO), where certain aspects of business operations are contracted to independent workers,...Continue Reading Posted :1 day, 18 hours ago Ratings Viewed 244 time(s) Comments

Major Changes Expected with New Road Traffic Law

Major Changes Expected with New Road Traffic Law Finally, after ten years in the making, the new Road Traffic Act was recently tabled in Parliament. This Act is to repeal the 1938 Road Traffic Act which had seen only one amendment since its creation, that was back in 2005. Under the proposed new Road Traffic Act the powers of the Island Traffic Authority will increase significantly and the...Continue Reading Posted :2 days, 1 hour ago Ratings Viewed 144 time(s) Comments

Why Buy Jamaican?

Why Buy Jamaican? Every once in a while the Jamaican consumer is being reminded to "buy Jamaican". While under ordinary circumstances it is possible to get quick and strong consumer buy-in to Jamaican products, these days it is proving more and more difficult to convince Jamaicans that they are doing the right thing by buying Jamaican. Imagine that as a...Continue Reading Posted :2 days, 12 hours ago Ratings Viewed 114 time(s) Comments

Returning unwanted visitors

Returning unwanted visitors As a sovereign nation, Jamaica has the right to grant or not grant entry to anyone seeking to enter this country. There are specified circumstances that persons desiring to enter the island must understand and adhere to. Entry into Jamaica is granted to persons who posses a valid visa, (except where a visa is exempted); show evidence that they...Continue Reading Posted :3 days, 23 hours ago Ratings Viewed 137 time(s) Comments